Welcome to Konadu Body Care By Nature. Our Products are inspired by nature, Infused with the aromas of botanical essential oils and carefully selected ingredients to not only rejuvinate your skin, but invigorates and inspire your creative senses". Our ingredients ranges from natural butters such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter etc, Organic oils that are Anti-aging, packed with essential vitamins for your skin like argan oil, evening primrose oil and rosehip oil, and the highest quality and grade of botanical essential oils and extracts, such as lavender, green tea, lemongrass and pink grapefruit, vanilla etc.


Konadu Body Care by Nature began in the heart of Jennifer McGill as she surveyed the array of skin care products she owned. None of them were giving her the flawless skin she recalled having back home in Ghana, West Africa. In Ghana, she made her own skin care products from locally grown, all natural, organic ingredients like coconut oil, palm kennel oil, cocoa butter & shea butter. When she couldn’t find any products that gave her the same results, she decided to create her own using the best of natural ingredients. Jennifer named her business and product line “Konadu” which is her native name, as she desires to share a piece of the rich, colorful and natural beauty of her African homeland by offering high quality products at affordable prices


Konadu products are exclusively handcrafted and made with 100% natural, organic ingredients, including premium, unrefined shea butter from Ghana. Our ingredients are carefully and specifically selected, and formulated to keep your skin soft and moisturized but never greasy. All soaps and body washes have pure shea butter in them so they will not dry your skin, but keep it moist, supple and soft.

There are no parabens, no artificial coloring, no artificial ingredients, and no harsh chemicals used. Konadu products are infused with the goodness of nature, and pure botanical essential oils for an earthy, refreshing, soothing, sweet and invigorating aroma. Each product is individually sealed for freshness, to preserve quality, to promote hygiene and to ensure a healthy skin. 


Our vision is to touch the lives of many and change the way people, feel about their body and skin, through our Products. We want all People to look and feel rejuvenated, have smooth, soft, and healthy skin, not to mention smell divine from all the infused aromas of premium essential oils and botanical extracts. 

We pride ourselves in selling the highest quality products, yet one of the most affordable out there, so that everyone will be able to afford our products and most importantly experience the “Konadu diffrence".